What a title, eh?

This isn’t your normal Sex Ed. post. This is Lyme Sex Ed.

Did you know that a Lyme infected mother can pass it and co infections to her unborn child?

Did you know that Lyme can be passed sexually?

It can, and it does. My family is living proof.


Lyme Family


I have been infected we think now since I was a child. I didn’t know I had Chronic Lyme and co infections until Dec. 2017. My first son was born in 2011, the second in 2014. They both have Lyme and co infections thanks to me.

My husband also has Lyme now.

So while at one point, we were just trying to get me well, our whole family is now needing treatment. Both boys have started showing symptoms, and my husband has too. At least now that I am the family poster child for Chronic Lyme, I knew what to look out for, and what testing to do. If I had known I had Chronic Lyme Disease, I could have prevented three people I love dearly from being infected with this horrible disease.

If you do have Lyme Disease, and are in a sexual relationship, talk to your partner! Wrap it up! Have them get tested! Watch out for symptoms!

There is always some risk of getting Lyme disease from a tick bite in the woods. But there may be a bigger risk of getting Lyme disease in the bedroom.


If you are planning on having a child and have Lyme Disease, please see a Lyme Disease doctor so you can get on a pregnancy safe antibiotic and supplements to prevent the spread of the disease. There have also been studies suggesting Lyme Disease can be spread via breastfeeding. Speak to your Lyme doctor about how to protect your baby. If you don’t have one, find one,¬†as they are an important part of navigating fertility and pregnancy with the disease.

If you have Lyme, you know how this disease destroys lives. I’m not telling you not to have kids or have sex, but please help stop the spreading of this horrific disease and do what you can to protect your loved ones.





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