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This is a great price for Epsom Salts. I used to get the best price at Walmart, but this bag comes out to be less expensive, plus it’s delivered to my door!



I use this craft set to organize my daily pills. It comes with 8 sections which have 7 compartments each. (I use one section each day) The biggest plus for me, is that each compartment has a ‘lock’ on it that is easily opened from the side, but if you drop your pills or have little kids, you don’t have to worry about pills ending up everywhere! I also like the case, so if you need to take your meds on a trip, it is all contained in the case.



If you’re constantly taking pills, and are sick, you’re going to drink a lot of water. And you should. But sometimes it gets boring. I love Stur, I can control how much flavor I put in, and it makes a wonderful drink with seltzer water! It is sweetened with Stevia.



 VSL#3 is a medical grade probiotic that is recommended by many Lyme Specialists. It’s available in capsules, or powder which you can mix in with shakes or other food. This probiotic has kept my candida imbalance in check for the entire time I’ve been on antibiotics (almost a year so far).


Medic Alert



  Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support

 Karman Ergonomic Wheelchair in 18 inch Seat and Mag Wheels


Cambridge Mask Co PRO Anti Pollution N99 Washable Military Grade Respirator with Adjustable Strap


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