Lyme Blogs

Lyme Is Lame: A blog full of personal accounts of treatment, mixed in with hope, poetry & other sources of inspiration

Lyme Stats: This site is dedicated to nothing but graphics about, you guessed it, Lyme Stats! It’s a great visual aid to use, and chock full of information to share.

Beyond The Bite: A cooking blog! Gabriella (herself a Lyme warrior), shares so many delicious recipes that are broken down into categories for AIP, Paleo, Keto, Anti Inflammatory etc. This site is great if you need recipe inspirations on a Lyme Diet!

Vicki “Miss Diagnoses”: This is a blog following Vicki & her multiple “Diagnoses” which is where she got the adorable name of Miss Diagnoses! She is a fantastic artist and loves to doodle & draw cartoons as well, which give her site such a unique and wonderful touch.

Lemons n Lyme: Victoria is a wonderful blogger and youtuber. She has a variety of posts, but her videos are what really make this blog shine. She shares a lot of researched information, and has great recipes and tips for getting some exercise while being down with Lyme Disease.


Here is a list of wonderful books relating to Lyme Disease, Treatments, and Healing.

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