Hi, I’m Kendra, The Dabbling Domestic

I try to guide my inner June Cleaver while dealing with my I Love Lucy quirks and clumsiness, Veteran mindset, and herding the two little tornadoes that are my sons! We live in Central Texas in the country with our two dogs and cat.

I was bitten by ticks as a young child in Oregon. In the 80’s on the West Coast, not many people knew about Lyme Disease. I got sick, but my mom thought it was just a reaction to recent vaccinations. As I grew up, I continued to have random, seemingly unrelated illnesses. I started feeling very poorly during a deployment to Afghanistan. I then went through a very stressful, messy divorce, and my health continued to decline. I’d always get propped back up, but every time I had an ‘unrelated’ health issue, it would take a lot longer to recover than most people. Once I had my first son my downward spiral started. I went from doctor to doctor, them all saying there wasn’t anything wrong, that I just needed to exercise more and stress less. I had numerous surgeries on my shoulders and back, as my body was deteriorating and I didn’t know why. My body finally couldn’t take much more and in September of 2017 I couldn’t walk, was having seizures, memory problems, and a host of other symptoms. I found a new General Practitioner that was willing to listen to me. She tested me for everything under the sun and sent me for MRI’s, to see specialists, but everything came back negative. We did find more things wrong with me, but no cause to any of the problems. I became my own researcher, spending hours googling, reading articles and books when my eyes would allow, and talking to others in health forums. I finally found Chronic Lyme Disease, and a light bulb went off. I made another appt to see my doctor and asked her to test me for Lyme. She did, and sure enough I was positive.

I soon found the top Lyme Disease specialist in our State (we don’t have many here) and was able to see him in January. He urged me to test my husband and kids. We did, and sure enough, I had given my boys Lyme during my pregnancy, and my husband has it as well. Since the boys and my husband weren’t showing as many symptoms nor feeling as bad as me, we opted to start them on an herbal regime to see if it was enough for them. It wasn’t. After 4 months they were just declining, so now we have them seeing a Lyme doctor who treats kids. He flies out to Texas every other month to treat patients here, and the rest of the time we communicate via Skype, as his practice is in New Hampshire.

This website is meant to be a journal for me and an information resource for others. I hope my readers can learn from our experiences!

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